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Meets AI

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Prologue AI is a creative tech studio. We craft advanced and engaging AI-powered experiences.


We partner with AI innovators to explore the limits of technology and accelerate brand growth. 


We craft outstanding digital experiences for places & brands by innovating at the intersection of gaming, documentary, and the physical world. 


Our work has been recognized by Clios® & CannesLions® for clients like Ubisoft & USA Network, but more importantly, appreciated by people all around the world.

AI creators

Ideation / concept


Art direction, UX and design


Interactive scenarios and game design


2D and 3D real time animation


Music and sound design


Creative Services

Prototyping, R&D and technological watch


Virtual, augmented and mixed reality


Serious gaming


Real time VFX


AI / Machine learning

Technological Services

We're Hiring

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